bip&vai, il sistema di pagamento con carta di credito

Bip&Vai: now your travel can be paid by credit card

Bip&Vai is a system that offers utmost freedom of movement by bus, thanks to being able to use credit, debit and prepaid contactless cards, i.e. Europay, Mastercard, Visa and the smartphone wallet just by bringing them close to the new red validators.

How does it work on Verona urban service? 
Bring the credit card close to the validator and the amount of 2 Euros will be charged for 90 minutes of travel. Using the card again within the 24 hours after the first beep will lead to a maximum charge of 5 Euros. Therefore, if each passenger takes more than two travels he will pay at the most 5 Euros, equal to a daily ticket.
Up to 5 passengers can travel using the same card. To do so, just swipe the card repeatedly over the reader or increase the number of passengers on the validator display with the + key.

When you bring your contactless card close to the reader the system shows a message confirming the beep. The device does not issue paper receipts.

And on the suburban network?
The new travel payment system through credit or debit cards of the Visa Mastercard circuit is gradually being activated even on busses of the suburban network.
Therefore users, on busses where the new red validator is already present, can now use their own credit card to pay for their travel without having to buy a ticket beforehand or having to ask the driver for a ticket.
Just bring the credit card close to the validator to download the amount of the travel which is equal to 3.70 Euros for any trip carried out within the suburban network.

Several innovations with the new payment system should be highlighted when compared to the traditional ticketing channels. 

> The ticket purchased on board with a credit card on the suburban network is always for a single travel and therefore is only valid for the travel underway. This means that a new validation is always necessary at every boarding of the bus, even when changing between suburban and urban busses. Therefore, it is not possible to terminate in the town a travel that started on the suburban network, something that is only possible with a paper ticket.
> If during the 24-hour period the user makes travel purchases for an amount greater than 11 euros (equal to the price of a suburban daily ticket) then the system does not foresee further charges and you can travel free within the 24-hour period from the first purchase.

Combined use with the 199 Airlink line and Verona urban lines
To get to the Catullo Airport you can swipe your credit card on the 199 Airlink line at a cost of 7 Euros. This lets you terminate your travel in urban service within 75 minutes of the time of validity. If you start your travel inside the urban network the system will recognize two travels and will only charge the amount corresponding to the price for an Airlink airport ticket (7 Euros).
If you take several travels during the 24-hour period and reach a cost of 11.00 Euros the system will not charge anything more.




Do I have to register in order to use the credit card on the bus?

No, registration is not necessary. However, it is possible to register on the traveler's portal where you can access your own personal area and check all charges and travels.

How can I download the payment receipt for using the service?
I can download the travel payment receipt by accessing my personal area on the Traveler's Portal

In case of check by control personnel?

 Just show your own card to control personnel who can check payment through the last 4 digits of the card ID number. The last 4 digits of the card can also be notified to control personnel without having to directly deliver the card to them. 

I received an SMS from my bank saying "an XX Euro transaction has been authorized". Why?
 Some banks may apply a pre-authorization fee equal to 0.02 Euros. The circuit will then charge the correct fee according to the transactions under its control (cancellation, reversal...).

Are there commissions?
No, there are no commissions.

Why does my card not work?
- the card does not belong to one of the enabled circuits - the card is present in the BIP & VAI backlist (the current account does not have enough money, is blocked or for other reasons)
- the card is expired - the card belongs to an enabled circuit but is not contactless.
In these cases we suggest you get in touch with your bank to identify the reason for the problem. 

Is confidentiality of my data guaranteed?
 The control devices neither read nor acquire personal and/or sensitive data from the card or the card holder.  The controllers' PDAs keep the card data anonymous.

Is there a risk that the card will be cloned?
 Our POS readers are certified by the banks which enable their cards.
The system complies with the security standards required for any type of contactless payment.   


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