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Useful information for ATV passengers.

IRPEF tax deductions and season tickets

If you have purchased an annual or monthly ATV season ticket within the last year, don't forget you may be eligible for a IRPEF income tax deduction
To request an income tax deduction, you must:


Season ticket refunds

Refunds for unused season tickets may be requested for the following fares:

Refunds can also be requested at the ATV ticket offices in Verona, Garda, Legnago and San Bonifacio. 
Please bring the following documents to the ticket office in order to process your refund:


Useful information for ATV passengers


Travelling with children

> Children under 4 are not required to purchase a ticket;
> Passengers with pushchairs must get on and off the bus through the central doors;
> Children aged over 3 and weighing less than 36kg may only be transported with the use of special restraint systems (belts or booster seats) wherever they are installed;
> On urban lines, pushchairs may be left unfolded (with the appropriate locking systems) on buses in the wheelchair transport area. Passengers with disabilities take precedence over the use of this area. In this case, as well as in the absence of an area for transporting wheelchairs, pushchairs must be folded;
> No specific measures are currently in place for pushchairs or the safety of children aged under 3 on suburban lines.



> All passengers may bring 1 piece of hand luggage with them at no extra cost provided its size does not exceed 55 x 40 x 20 cm;
> Luggage larger than 55 x 40 x 20 cm (suitcases, skis, musical instruments) may be carried upon the purchase of a ticket (urban fare for the urban network, suburban fare 2 for the suburban network);
> Passengers must carry backpacks (including school backpacks) in their hands and not on their shoulders;
> All luggage must be placed or held in a position that does not obstruct other passengers;
> Luggage must not be placed on the seats;
Objects or materials that are dangerous, flammable, explosive, foul-smelling, corrosive substances, weapons (see art. 585 of the penal code) or anything that could cause problems for other passengers may not be carried;
Bulky objects with sharp or blunt parts that could jeopardise the safety of travellers may not be carried.



> Small pets may travel free of charge and must be held in their owner's arms or a carrier;
> The transport of small animals is also permitted on seasonal services upon payment (same fare as the owner). They must be held in their owner's arms or special cages;
> The transport of medium/large-sized animals is permitted on payment of a fare (same fare as the owner). These animals must be kept on a lead and with a muzzle;
> Drivers or police officers may not allow the transport of animals for safety reasons or in cases of overcrowding;
> In the event of damage to persons or property (other passengers or vehicles) by the animal, the owner is required to pay compensation for the damage.



> On buses equipped for passengers with disabilities and recognisable by a special sign on the outside of the vehicle passengers with wheelchairs should get on and off through the central doors;
> Passengers with visual impairments should get on and off the bus through the forward door;
Assistance dogs for passengers with visual impairments are carried free of charge;
> Passengers with disabilities who hold season tickets are not required to validate their season ticket. For more information on ATV services for passengers with disabilities click here.


Bicycles and scooters

> The transport of bicycles is not permitted on the urban network;
> Bicycles may be transported on the suburban network provided the bus is equipped with the appropriate area;
> Micro mobility vehicles (such as folding bicycles and scooters) may be carried on the urban network if they do not exceed 80 x 110 x 40 cm in size, are completely folded, have clean wheels and do not obstruct other passengers. When possible, these vehicles should be placed in the area intended for wheelchairs or pushchairs;
> If a passenger with a disability or a pushchair is waiting to board, any passengers with bicycles or scooters already on board must remove them from the area;
> Micro mobility vehicles are permitted on the suburban network if placed in the luggage compartments;
> Only one vehicle per passenger is permitted;
> The cost of transporting bicycles, scooters and other micro mobility vehicles is €2;
> The owner of the micro mobility vehicle is responsible for any damage caused to persons or property (including themselves);
> The carriage of bicycles and scooters may be suspended in the event of overcrowding.

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