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Catullo airport service

The shuttle service from Verona Porta Nuova train station to Catullo airport operates daily, at 5.15 am, 6.10 am, 6.30 am, 6.50 am then every 20 minutes until 11.10 pm

From the Catullo Airport to Verona Porta Nuova train station the shuttle service operates daily, at 5.35 am, 6.30 am, 6.50 am, 7.10 am then every 20 minutes until 11.30 pm.

The journey takes 15 minutes.

The bus is equipped for the transport of people with disabilities

Click on the below picture to obtain the whole timetable.

Thanks to the partnership between ATV and German (DB) and Austrian (ÖBB) railways, all travelers flying to Verona, by purchasing a single cumulative ticket, can use the AEROBUS service from the Catullo Airport to Verona Porta Nuova (or vice versa) to take a train to reach locations in the South Tyrol and in Trentino.
Fares for the cumulative ticket (train+ATV Aerobus) are 22 € for South Tyrol (Bolzano, Bressanone, and Fortezza), 18 € for Trento and15€ for Rovereto.




A single ride ticket costs 6,00 Euro.
The ticket lasts 75 minutes after the punching.
Travellers may use the remaining time on city buses.

Buy the ticket:
-        at ATV ticket office inside
Porta Nuova train station
-        at the tobacco shop inside Porta Nuova train station
-        inside the Airport, at the car park desk and Office information (Iat)
-        on the bus (with no surcharge)


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