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ATV actively works to reduce the impact of its activity on the environment by adopting the best technologies limiting polluting emissions into the atmosphere. This commitment has known a concrete result in the process of renewal of the bus fleet; methane fueled buses were adopted for the urban service (63 buses on a total of 180) which cover, on average, over 50% of the yearly routes.
The extra-urban service buses comply with euro 4 and euro 5 standards. Moreover, the remaining buses use a low sulfur diesel fuel.
The attention towards the environment by ATV aims at creating a system of environment management as a tool for containment and control of the most significant environmental aspects, such as emissions into the atmosphere, noise, consume of materials, use of energetic resources, dumping into water and soil, waste production, containment of traffic and respect for the landscape.
ATV cooperates with the governmental institutions to contribute to sustainable development on the territory.


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