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Ticket Bus Verona is the ATV app that lets users buy bus tickets directly from their smartphone.

This app, produced for ATV by Pluservice on the "MyCicero" platform, is available free of charge from Android and iOS stores.

What tickets are available?

> Verona and Legnago city ticket
> pack of 10 Verona city tickets
> Verona city daily ticket
> tickets with fares from 1 to 8 on the suburban network
> Airport ticket
> 1, 3, 7-day pass on the whole network

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How do you validate your ticket?

The ticket bought through Ticket Bus Verona must be validated the moment you get on board by passing over the QR code reader located at the entrance to every bus.

Travel Planner icon

Plan your travel and buy your ticket

The app also has a Travel Planner.  Select your starting point and your destination, the date and time and then the app will show you the best travel solutions and make it possible for you to immediately buy the appropriate ticket rate.
The travel planner is available in both the mobile and the browser versions of the app.  Click below to get access

> Plan your travel and buy your ticket

Timetables and routes icon

Consult timetables and bus routes

You can also use Ticket Bus Verona to consult timetables and routes for all the bus lines with all the stops. When you consult a specific line you can also check where the bus is in real time.
The timetable consulting function is available in both the mobile and browser versions of the app.  Click below to consult timetables on your browser:

> Consult timetables and bus routes



Is there an extra charge for tickets bought using the app?

No, the ticket is no more expensive than buying one from a ticket point-of-sale

If I buy a ticket now can I use it on another day? When does it expire?
There is no time limit for using the ticket bought using the app

If I buy more than one ticket can I use them one at a time?
You can buy more than one ticket and enable them one at a time. Only after you choose to validate a ticket the QR code reading function will be enabled for validation.

Can tickets purchased online be refunded?
As paper tickets, tickets bought via App are not refundable.

When taking a bus in Verona do I have to scan the qrcode every time I get on the bus when I change busses within the 90 minute validity of the ticket?
Yes, you have to re-enable the ticket by pressing the key and scan the QR Code on the bus you are getting on.

How can I pay?
Payment methods include credit cards (Visa, Mastercard and Amex), Masterpass, Satispay (only for purchases for more than 50 Euros) and Postepay.

Can I ask to be billed for tickets bought using the Ticket Bus Verona app? 
It is not possible to be billed for the tickets you have bought. 

Can I buy a single ticket at a time or can I load credit?

You can buy tickets individually (paying the exact amount of the ticket each time) or you can load a personal credit that you can then spend when you need to.  The balance can be consulted at all times looking at your profile and can be used to buy all the travel  tickets available through Ticket Bus Verona.

Where are the travel  tickets I bought stored?
Travel tickets you bought  are stored in the local  storage of your device and cannot be transferred.  If the app is removed and third-party software is used to clean the smartphone or the device is reset or restored to its factory settings then all the tickets and/or passes that have been bought will be permanently deleted.
You can retrieve them by contacting or calling 0282900734.

Can I use the same Ticket Bus Verona account on multiple devices?
Yes, you can use the same account on multiple devices.  However, the single tickets that you intend to use on that device must be bought directly from every device. Every ticket in fact is downloaded from the device that first calls for it to be downloaded (by entering  the "my tickets" section).

Who may I contact if I have problems making the app work properly?
You can contact the service department for any app operating problems:
email: Telephone 0282900734.

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