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Amt and Aptv history

 ATV is a new company; it was created in 2007, after a "historical" process of rationalization of the Veronese public transport which had developed over 30 years; a process which was felt as necessary by the citizens and by the Municipality and the Province of Verona, and by which a single company of public transport ATV was formed by the fusion of the two Veronese historical public transport companies: AMT and APTV.
The main steps of Veronese public transport service, from its start, through its subsequent development, until the recent formation of a single company: ATV

Urban public transport in Verona
Il trasporto pubblico urbano di Verona
 1884: inauguration day of first streetcar with horses. The municipality of Verona entrusts the service to an Italo-Belgian company
 1889: advertisement first appears on streetcar vehicles
 1906: agreement between the municipality of Verona and a Belgian society for the construction and management of an electric streetcar network. At the international fair of Milan the first buses are presented
 1908: start of the service with electric streetcars.
 1909: development of the network
 1913: double track system
 1914: launch of the electric streetcar Verona-Avesa

 1919: end of the Italo-Belgian management. The Municipality is in charge of the city's streetcars

 1920: the first experimental electric vehicles fueled by batteries first appear on the market
 1924: the transport company orders new vehicles
 1926: the network extends to the village of Montorio. Launch of street lines (on tyres) to Cadidavid, S. Massimo and Chievo.
 1927: the network extends to the village of S. Michele
 1935: the management of public transport is assigned to Saer
 1937: launch of the first trolleybus network between the train stations of Porta Vescovo and Porta Nuova
 1941: the funicular railway of Castel S. Pietro is operative
 1944: end of the funicular railway service
 1948: the public transport service is carried out by military vehicles
 1958: end of the last trackline
 1955: end of the cooperation between Saer and the Municipality of Verona. The Municipal Company for Transport is created and it takes charge of the service.
 1956: AMT starts its activity
 1957: start of the "single fare" ticket
 1964: the fare increases by 45% but afterwards it remained unchanged until 1976, despite the 84% increase in the inflation rate. Start of the first experiments for the automatic ticket issue.
 1968: AMT is temporarily in charge of the service for the removal of illegally parked vehicles
 1971: the vehicles change colour from green to orange
 1972: beginning of automatic validation of tickets on board. Amt starts to take care of the image of the company: establishment of rules on the personnel's clothes
 1973: the first bus lanes are created and the first radiotelephones  are put on board
 1974: end of the trolleybus service for buses. The ticket collector are no longer needed and the "single provider" service starts
 1976: creation of the first cumulative ticket AMT APT for the use of Public transport in the territory of the municipality and of the province of Verona.
 1981: the framework law 151 for the reorganization of public transport comes into force
 1982: AMT adopts  the first special vehicles for accessible transport
 1983: end of the electric system network. Start of the reorganization process of fares and creation of the first one-hour ticket
 1984: creation of the daily tourist ticket
 1988: AMT adopts the "Pollicini" (literally, Tom Thumbs); smaller vehicles, suitable for the public transport service in the historical city centre
 1990: the company presents its first project for the tram lines for over-ground transport
1995: AMT, by means of the reorganization of the network and the optimization of resources, ends the financial year in profit.
 1996: the company passes from being municipal to being "azienda speciale"
 1997: the legislative degree 422/97 is issued, also called "Burlando decree" on the assignment to regions and local institutions of functions in the field of public transport
 1998: the Region Veneto issues the law 25/98 which establishes new rules on local public transport. AMT creates an Ltd of private law and takes charge of the complete service for accessible transport for tourism of the city. Start of the double fuel "methane/oil" on the vehicles.
 2000: creation of the AMT website
Extra urban public transport service

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