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ATV accessibility: useful information for passengers with disabilities

ATV operates in compliance with EU regulation no. 181/2011 concerning
the rights of passengers in bus and coach transport.

This page provides useful information for passengers with disabilities
intending to use (or already using) ATV services
for their transport needs.


Our bus fleet


Currently, 95% of buses in service on the Verona urban network are equipped for the transport of wheelchairs.
The company is able to guarantee a percentage of over 50% of accessible vehicles on suburban lines. In addition to a manually activated ramp that provides step free access for passengers in wheelchairs, the most modern vehicles are also equipped with a high visibility variable message display to assist the visually impaired and are fitted with an onboard vocaliser for announcing the next stop.
ATV's hire service, which provides modern and comfortable coaches, offers vehicles equipped for transporting people with disabilities. The coach fleet includes two vehicles accessible to wheelchair users, with lifts, especially modified aisles and onboard toilets. For further information, please contact the Hire Office, tel: 045 8057901; email:




Buses accessible to passengers with disabilities display a blue sticker next to the vehicle door.
To access the bus with a wheelchair you must board through the central door, which is fitted with a special ramp.
The driver is obliged to lower and raise the ramp but not, unless on their own initiative, to assist with helping the wheelchair on and off the bus. 
The area of the bus fitted with safety equipment for wheelchairs can accommodate a limited number of passengers - one or two depending on the bus model - therefore we cannot guarantee the availability of transport in the event that another passenger with a disability has already boarded. In this event, passengers will need to wait for the next bus.
If the passenger in the wheelchair is a season ticket holder they are not required to validate their MoVer card.
Passengers with visual impairments should get on and off the bus through the forward door and are not required to validate their MoVer card; assistance dogs are carried free of charge.

We always recommend, especially if you intend to use our suburban lines, that you check in advance that the bus you want to use is accessible. Passengers with disabilities can contact our Public Relations Office (tel :045 8057922; email:, which will be able to answer any questions about journey accessibility. If you intend to travel on our suburban services, we recommend contacting our Public Relations Office at least 48 hours in advance of your journey.


Training of company staff


Once again in compliance with EU regulation no. 181/2011, ATV has undertaken a specific training course on disability issues for its staff.
These courses, organised in partnership with an agency specialising in the provision of services for accessibility and the inclusion of people with disabilities, are aimed at making drivers aware of the different kinds of disabilities and to raise awareness among staff members about difficulties encountered by passengers with disabilities (as well as by those with mobility issues in general, such as the elderly) in the use of public transport services.
The company thereby aims to provide a service that will go as far as possible to meeting the individual and varied needs of people with reduced mobility.


Specific transport services for passengers with disabilities provided by the Municipality of Verona


With regard to the Municipality of Verona itself, we would like to highlight an additional service available for passengers with disabilities.
The Municipal Council of Verona (rep. 2014/297) has authorised Azienda Ulss 20 to provide transport services for the disabled without carers for their journeys to and from work.
This service can be booked by contacting the provider by telephone on either 011/2386149 or 348/0329713. The regulations governing the service can be viewed at (download the zip file and open the social services folder).
New users may contact the Municipality of Verona - Mobility and Traffic Coordination on tel: 0458079361 to obtain authorisation for the service.
Any reservations or changes to the service must be notified by 11am the previous day.


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