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ATV Tourist Services: Spiazzi - Sanctuary of Madonna della Corona

Spiazzi - Madonna della Corona Sanctuary

Shuttle Spiazzi - Sanctuary of Madonna della Corona: service and prices


The Sanctuary of Madonna della Corona, perched on a rock overlooking the Valdadige, is linked to the village of Spiazzi by a shuttle service (line 499).
Shuttle buses take 10 minutes from Spiazzi to the sanctuary.
Scheduled bus line 476 (summer service only) links Spiazzi with Garda-Bardolino-Cisano.


Cost of one-way and round trip tickets

- one way ticket 1.80 €
- round trip ticket 3.00 €

Timetables and useful information

The service operates depending on the conditions of the sanctuary access road.
From 2nd November 2021 the service does not run on weekdays. From 7th November 2021 to 8th December 2021 the service runs only on sundays and holidays, every 30 minutes.

See the full timetable here:

SHUTTLEBUS TIMETABLE valid from 7th November 2021 to 8th December 2021 (78.95 KB).

Please note that as a result of the measures taken in accordance with the Covid-19 pandemic, the number of passengers that can be transported is limited to 80% of the total bus capacity.

Official sanctuary website

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