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ATV Bus Rental Service


Let yourself be transported by experience, comfort and safety. Go wherever you want and with whoever you want with the new ATV buses, equipped to meet every need.

ATV boasts years of well-established experience in the rental and tourism sectors. The Company's fleet of rental vehicles is made up of coaches equipped with every comfort. Some of them are also equipped for the mobility of people with disabilities.




We can give you at least four good reasons:

1. ATV's experience and reliability. ATV's multi-year experience in the field of passenger transport warrants utmost reliability of our drivers, through their training and all effective safety protocols. Periodic maintenance in our workshops ensures the complete safety of our vehicles, for a worry-free journey.
2. The flexibility of our fleet. Thanks also to the latest purchase of six new Gran Turismo vehicles, the ATV Rental fleet can adapt to every kind of journey and every customer requirement, thus offering a top-class service, capable of making every journey comfortable and safe.
3. The accessibility of our vehicles. Thanks to two buses equipped for the transport of disabled, everyone can use our service.
4. Environment-friendly. With the new Euro 6 buses, the highest standard currently available, we promote environmentally sustainable travel.

Bus ATV da noleggio Bus ATV da noleggioBus ATV da noleggio

Our service is aimed at everyone, from schools, to associations (parish, recreational, non-profit, etc...), to tour operators, to companies, to sports clubs, to private individuals. The services can match all passenger's needs, also thanks to the possibility of requesting bike trolleys and specific means of transporting wheelchairs.



The ATV rental service also meets the company requirement of travel, providing shuttle buses that can carry out daily service between mobility hubs (railway stations and car parks) and workplaces. If you are a corporate Mobility Manager, contact us to find out more!


Phone: 0458057901


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