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Titolo Ticket Bus Verona

Home Page Ticket Bus Verona

Ticket Bus Verona is the new ATV app that lets users buy bus tickets directly from their smartphone.

This app, produced for ATV by Pluservice on the "MyCicero" platform, is available free of charge from Android and iOS stores.

What tickets are available?

> Verona and Legnago city ticket
> pack of 10 Verona city tickets
> Verona city daily ticket
> tickets with fares from 1 to 8 on the suburban network
> Airport ticket
> 1, 3, 7-day pass on the whole network

Sticker codice QR

How do you validate your ticket?

The ticket bought through Ticket Bus Verona must be validated the moment you get on board by passing over the QR code reader located at the entrance to every bus.


Use the Info Bus Verona app for information on rates, timetables and lines.


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P.I. 03644010237 | Tel 045 8057811 / Fax 045 8057800 | Email: atv@atv.verona.it | Posta elettronica certificata: protocollo.atv@pec.it
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